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Hey, there! And welcome to my personal blog.

My name is Halle, I am 19 years old, and I am a college student attending GPRC. I am currently enrolled a Bachelor of Arts program and am pursuing a career in psychology.

I have a wide range of interests. Whether it’d be spending time with my animals, getting stuck in the mud quading, or going out on the lake, I simply just love being outside. I have always loved being busy/active, and so I was very much a big athlete in my childhood and in high school. I did Karate, played Volleyball and Rugby, and had even done gymnastics and played soccer when I was little. I was even one of those kids who loved Phys Ed class.

I love listening to older music that is rock, country, or pop. When it’s crappy outside, I love to have a hot chocolate or a tea and cuddle up and binge watch my favourite shows, or an all-time favourite film.

Unlike a lot of people I know, I love to be around lots of people. Going out dancing, going bowling, and going on group camping trips are some of the things I live for! I love to have fun, and am willing to put in the effort to have a good time.

I have always loved writing. Whether it was for an assignment in a class, a Remembrance Day poem contest, or simply just a journal entry. Many people in my life have made me feel so confident in my writing, and I continue to stick to my truth in whatever I put down on paper. After all, honest writing is the best writing!

And so, I started this blog so that I could have a space where I could write whatever I want, wherever I want, however I want.

My posts will range anywhere from recently written pieces for my classes, to short poems, to personal testimonies on a particular subject.

Follow me as I unleash and reveal my thoughts on a variety of topics using a variety of styles.

Thank you for visiting my blog


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